Diana Commercial Center – Centro Comercial Diana.

When we arrived at Diana Commercial Center

our catchment area comprised principally foreigners from; Sweden, Germany, Britain, Belgium. Also we attracted a lot of clients from Ronda and it’s white villages, who came down to the coast to work in such places as Hotel Atalaya, Diana Park Hotel and Urb. Isdabe.

Little by little, we watched it transform into a suburb of Estepona with young couples from all over Europe settling down. We watched their children grow up playing around the Diana Center, many of which have started their own families now.

Cuando llegamos a Diana aún era una zona Residencial,

con una comunidad principalmente de extranjeros,Suecos ,Alemanes,Británicos,Belgas,mucha gente de los pueblos de Ronda bajaban a trabajar al Hotel Atalaya,pero poco a poco se fue transformando en una barriada  de Estepona,un lugar donde se podía ver crecer a los ninos jugando en las calles,parejas jóvenes que optaron por vivir a las afueras de Marbella.



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